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The City of West St. Paul has a "point-of-sale" requirement for the Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Program. This means that an I&I inspection must be completed prior to the sale of a property.

I&I Inspection Process

  • Call or Click to schedule a FREE I&I inspection
  • City inspector will video sewer with a CCTV camera
  • City inspector visually checks sump system
  • Recorded video of the inspection is reviewed

If Compliant

  • City issues compliance letter - It’s good for 10 years!

If Non-Compliant

  • City inspector sends out report & correction notice
    • Review the Sewer Repair Contractors list
    • Once all documented repairs are completed
    • Review Repair Funding Programs
    • Submit the invoice to City for 15% grant
    • Sign paperwork for assessment (if applicable)
    • City Council approval is required
    • Compliance letter/certificate is issued

The League of Minnesota Cities awarded West St. Paul the City of Excellence Award for its Inflow & Infiltration program!

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Other Cities with I&I Programs

Inflow and Infiltration is not unique to West St. Paul or even Minnesota. Many communities around the country have I&I programs. Below are some examples.
City of Foley, MN
City of Golden Valley, MN
City of Roseville, MN
City of Duluth, MN

City of Dubuque, IA
City of Ashland, WI
City of Columbia, MO


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