Outdoor Rinks & Warming Houses

2018-19 Warming House Schedule

Open for the Season!!!  Please check the weather line for daily closures due to weather 651-259-2671.

**Season is extended through February 24 at Harmon and Orme Hockey Rinks. Weekday hours from 4:00-8:00pm and weekends from 12:00-8:00pm

Staffed Warming Houses: Harmon, Haskell, Orme & Weschcke

Regular Days
School Release Days
Special Days
Dec. 15 - Dec. 21
Jan. 3 - Jan. 18
Jan. 23 - Feb. 17
Dec. 26 - Jan. 2
Jan. 21-22
Feb. 18
Dec. 24
Dec. 31
Feb. 3
M-F: 4-9pm
Sat: 12-9pm
Sun: 12-9pm
12-9pm 12-4pm

Rink Locations

Available Usage
Dodd Park
General Pleasure Skating
Harmon Park
General Pleasure Skating / Hockey Rink
Haskell Park
General Pleasure Skating / Hockey Rink
Orme Park
General Pleasure Skating / Hockey Rink
Southview Park
General Pleasure Skating
Weschcke Park
General Pleasure Skating

Inclement Weather

The City of West St. Paul Parks and Recreation reserves the right to close staffed outdoor skating rinks whenever we feel it is in the best interest and safety of all users and staff.  You may also check the Weather Line at 651-259-2671, for up to date information. 

 All regularly scheduled rinks and lights will remain open unless:

  • The air temperature reaches -10 degrees or colder.
  • The wind chill index reaches -20 degrees or colder and/or wind chill warning has been issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Warm temperatures soften the ice.
  • When 2 inches or more of snow accumulates on the ice surface.

Public Skating Policies & Rules

  • Please follow all direction from warming house attendants and City of West St. Paul staff.
  • The warming house attendant is responsible for safe skating conditions and will make the final decision, relative to safety considerations.
  • Report all accidents and injuries to staff immediately.
  • Skate at a sensible and safe speed in the same direction as other skaters.
  • Hockey sticks and pucks may not be used on the general pleasure skating rinks.
  • No shooting pucks inside warming houses. 
  • Refrain from throwing snow and ice.
  • Stay clear of all maintenance vehicles when their clearing rinks.