Adopt-a-Park Program

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  2. Adopt-A-Street

Adopt-A-Park is a public service program for volunteers to assist their community by picking up litter in a West St. Paul park.


  • Adopt-A-Park is open to community groups, civic groups, churches, families and individuals for a minimum period of (1) year. Commitments may be longer, preferably two to three years.
  • A simple agreement will be signed by the group supervisor on behalf of the group.
  • All participants under 18 years of age must have responsible adult supervision.
  • Supervisor should have along a first aid kit and be aware of local emergency services in case of injuries.
  • Plan to give the group plenty of time, taking breaks and not over-exerting participants.
  • Suggested projects: trash clean up, weeding around signs and in flower gardens, moving branches off of paths, or what ever else you see that would make the park look like you would like to see it as a visitor
  • Suggested frequency of litter pickup: twice a month April - September.  If you wish to go more often that is much appreciated.
  • Keep track of your hours.  When you finish a clean-up date, please email your hours to


  • A special pick up if the trash bins are over full.
  • Trash bags and other supplies upon request.
  • Checking out any safety concerns or other issues at your park you are concerned about.


  • Litter is unsightly. It destroys the natural aesthetics of our beautiful parks and city.
  • Litter is very expensive. West St. Paul hires several seasonal workers to pick up litter and empty trash bins for five months during the year. Even with this effort, we cannot keep up with the problem. Your help will save resources.
  • A litter free community is inviting to visitors and prospective new citizens and businesses.
  • Through the efforts of volunteers, improvements can be made which may otherwise not be possible. Taking ownership in a city park gives everyone a sense of pride in their park and community.
To find out what parks are available, contact Diane Erickson at or 651-208-4840.