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2021 Town Hall Meeting Survey - English

  1. Section 1: Demographics

  2. I live in:

  3. If West St. Paul, what Ward?

  4. My age is:

  5. Household Language

  6. Race or Origin

    (Check all that apply)

  7. What is your current living situation?

  8. What is your current employment status?

    (Check all that apply)

  9. Where do you work?

  10. Is your household food and shelter secure?

  11. Section 2: Rate Each of the Following Phrases

  12. Quality of Life

  13. Governance

  14. Economy

  15. Mobility

  16. Community Design

  17. Utilities

  18. Safety

  19. Natural Environment

  20. Parks and Recreation

  21. Education, Arts and Culture

  22. Inclusivity and Engagement

  23. Section 3: Have you done the following in the last 12 months?

    Answer Yes or No

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