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Night to Unite Application

  1. We would like a visit from a member of the following department(s)*
  2. *Emergencies may impact whether police or fire can attend
  3. Agreement

    1. Regulations of Use: By signing this application, the signer agrees to the City of West St. Paul to abide by the following:

    (a) Affected Streets. The portion of the street or alley involved shall be totally residential in nature and does not cover an area greater than one city block in length and does not encompass an intersection.

    (b) Barricades. It is the neighborhood’s responsibility to see that proper street barricades are placed and removed for the event. Barricades will be provided by the city to all registered block parties.

    (c) Hours. Streets may not be barricaded prior to eight (8) a.m., nor later than the earlier of dusk or ten (10) p.m. The recommended (maximum) time for street closure is one-half day or six (6) hours. If over eight (8) hours are requested, consent of 100% of the affected neighborhood is necessary.

    (d) Traffic. The total roadway portion of the right-of-way shall not be blocked; a least a ten (10) foot passageway shall be kept free of obstruction at all times to permit passage of emergency vehicles.

    (e) Clean-up. Applicant(s) shall provide trash receptacles to prevent as much littering as possible. Applicant(s) shall be responsible for the pick-up or disposal of trash and garbage following the event. Such clean-up shall be completed within 24 hours after termination of the activity, but in no event later than 10 p.m. following the day of the block party.

    (f) Speakers. No speaker system shall produce sounds audible outside the areas designated for the block party.

    (g) Notification. Upon Council approval of any street closing, the contact person only will be notified by return of this application.

    (h) The City Council may grant variances to these regulations upon a showing of unusual circumstances and negligible negative impact.
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