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Application for Appointment to Commissions, Boards, Committees and Task Forces

  1. The strength of our committees is in being representative of our community. Renters, BIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color), LGBTQ+ and all West St. Paul residents interested in influencing the community in a positive manner are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Thank you for your interest in serving the City of West St. Paul on a volunteer advisory board, committee or commission.

     Applications for boards and commissions are accepted year-round. As seats become vacant, the City of West St. Paul will consider all active applications for appointment. Applications are considered active for one year from submission date. To remain active after one year, applicants must re-apply. 

    The next round of interviews for open committee seats is scheduled for the second week of February 2024.

  2. Don't know your Ward?
  3. The only requirements to serve on a board or commission are being 18 years old, currently live in West St. Paul and have an interest in participating. We only ask the following questions to get to know you a little better. Responses are not required to apply.
  4. How many years have you lived in West St. Paul?
  5. We value the opinions and perspective of recent and tenured residents equally.

  6. Conflicts of Interest may arise by the participation in any activity, recommended action, or decision from which you receive or could potentially receive direct or indirect personal financial gain. In accordance with this definition, do you, or an immediate family member of your household, have any legal or equitable interest in any business, however organized, which in the course of your participation in a city advisory board could give rise to a conflict of interest? 

    If yes, please provide details.

  7. Data Practices Advisory

    We are required to provide the following information to you. Under Minnesota law, some of the information requested above is public information, which must be provided to anyone who requests it. Some of it is classified as private information, which is not generally available to the public. However, all of the information will be used by the City Council in determining whether you should be appointed to a commission/board. Therefore, the information will be provided to the City Council in a public forum and will be reviewed in public. It will, therefore, be part of the public record, which will be available to anyone. Failure to provide the requested information may result in your not being considered for an appointment. If you have concerns about providing any of the requested information, please contact Nicole Tillander at 651-552-4102 or

  8. Thank you again for your interest in serving the City of West St. Paul!
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