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Application for Appointment to Commissions, Boards, Committees and Task Forces

  1. The qualifications to sit on a West St. Paul Board or Commission are as follows:

    1. Must be a current resident of West St. Paul
    2. Must be able to act in the public interest
    3. Must be able to act within the bounds of City ordinances and policies
    4. Must be able to perform duties in accordance with processes and rules of order
    5. Must be able to make decisions and recommendations based upon merit and substance
    6. Must be able to avoid conflict of interest and violation of law
    7. Must be able to adhere to Data Practices policy and standards
    8. Must be able to use public resources appropriately
    9. Must be able to respect and adhere to chain of command
    10. Must be able to support a positive work environment
  2. Public Commission Directory*

    Please indicate the phone number(s) you would like published in our Public Commission Directory if you are appointed. Permission to release your phone number to the public is a requirement of the Data Practices Act.

  3. Mark up to 3 committees you are interested in serving on*

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