Annapolis Street Reconstruction Project

September 15th, 2023:

Re: Annapolis Street Reconstruction Project – Construction Update  

Phase 1A: Phase 1A runs between Smith Avenue and Bidwell Street.

We have the first two lifts of asphalt down in Phase 1A!  The contractor has nearly completed sidewalk and driveway apron pours on the north side. Sidewalk removal and grading will begin on the south side next week. Please be on the lookout for doorhangers and notifications about driveway restrictions while this work is occurring. Sidewalk work, street lighting, boulevard grading, and restoration will continue occurring in Phase 1A until completion. The contractor has started backfilling topsoil on the north side, with vegetation to follow. Sidewalk pours and aprons on the south side are expected to occur in the next couple of weeks. 

Phase 1B: Phase 1B runs from Bidwell Street to Robert Street. Project work for 2023 will end at Humboldt Avenue.

This is to ensure that we have a hard driving surface by the time winter is here. The remainder of Phase 1B will be completed in 2024. Utility work is  completed in this phase up to Humboldt Avenue. The contractor has also completed the roadway excavation and construction up to Humboldt Avenue. Curb and Gutter is scheduled to start in this phase on Monday, September 18th. Driveway restrictions will be needed for the concrete to cure. Please be on the lookout for notifications of this work. Asphalt paving is expected to occur at the end of the month. Temporary water has been taken down. Any water issues should be directed to SPRWS at 651-266-6350.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please reach out to Cody Joos at (651) 552-4131, or by email at For questions regarding St. Paul specific policies, please reach out to Don Pflaum at (651) 266-9147, or by email at

What is the Annapolis Street Reconstruction Project?

The Cities of West St. Paul and Saint Paul are reconstructing Annapolis Street from Smith Avenue to Kansas Avenue during the 2023 and 2024 construction seasons. Annapolis Street between Smith Avenue and Robert Street will be reconstructed in 2023, and Annapolis Street between Robert Street and Kansas Avenue will be reconstructed in 2024. 

Why is the project needed?

Annapolis Street was last reconstructed in 1966. The roadway pavement and utilities are in poor condition and are in need of reconstruction and repair. The purpose of the project is to address the aging utility infrastructure and to reconstruct Annapolis Street.

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