Annapolis Street Reconstruction Project

05-27-2023: Phase 1 of the Annapolis Street Reconstruction Project, which currently runs from Smith Avenue to Bidwell Street, is underway! Bituminous Roadways will continue with removals over the course of the next week. "No Parking" signs have been placed across the project corridor. These signs will be enforced in order to keep the project moving along safely. Utility work is expected to begin in early June. Tree removals will continue from Smith Avenue to Kansas Avenue. Driveway accesses will be maintained throughout, but you may have to wait at times. Please continue to drive slowly through the constriction zones. Please view the "Project Starting" letter below for more project information. 

Project Starting Letter

What is the Annapolis Street Reconstruction Project?

The Cities of West St. Paul and Saint Paul are reconstructing Annapolis Street from Smith Avenue to Kansas Avenue during the 2023 and 2024 construction seasons. Annapolis Street between Smith Avenue and Robert Street will be reconstructed in 2023, and Annapolis Street between Robert Street and Kansas Avenue will be reconstructed in 2024. 

Why is the project needed?

Annapolis Street was last reconstructed in 1966. The roadway pavement and utilities are in poor condition and are in need of reconstruction and repair. The purpose of the project is to address the aging utility infrastructure and to reconstruct Annapolis Street.

Annapolis Open House Presentation

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