Park Improvement Plans and Projects

Park Systems Plan

Park System Plan Update: To help guide the growth, development, and management of our parks system and recreational programming, the City of West St. Paul is creating a new Parks and Recreation System Plan. The existing systems plan was completed in 2000, and with shifting priorities, demographics, issues, and opportunities, this new modern plan presents us with the opportunity to assess needs holistically and lay out a vision and roadmap for the next 15 years

Marthaler Park Improvement Projects 2018-2023

A three-phased project to improve the active and natural areas of Marthaler Park, and advance a vision for a multi-use, community-centered space for play, gatherings, and enjoyment of nature.

  • Phase 1: Lower Marthaler Improvements (2018-2019)
  • Phase 2: Expansion of River-to-River Greenway (2021)
  • Phase 3: Upper Marthaler Improvements (2023-2024)

Historic Park Improvement Plans