Body Cameras

Body Cam

After extensive research and testing of various body camera manufactures, the West St Paul selected Axon to be our body camera and squad video provider and this program has been fully implemented since January 1, 2020.  This integrated system allows for effective and efficient management and storage of thousands of videos that are recorded yearly.   The technology is an excellent tool for law enforcement to use for the documentation of events, statements, and other types of evidence while providing transparency to the community.

Our policy regarding the use of body cameras was developed to make sure we are in compliance of state statutes and federal regulations.  Public comments were sought and obtained for several months prior to fully implanting our program.  Our policy was also reviewed and approved by the United States Department of Justice.   You can see our policy here.

Let us know what you think about the program and if you have any questions ask us here.

Minnesota State Statutes provide guidance in policy development, which include:

  • Data classification, access procedures, and retention policies
  • Procedures for testing, documenting malfunctions and addressing those malfunctions
  • Circumstances where recording is mandatory, prohibited, or discretionary
  • Circumstances under which officers must tell people they are being recorded
  • Guidelines for ending a recording
  • Procedures for secure storage of data and backup procedures
  • Procedures to ensure compliance with the policy and to address violations

Various other state statutes dictate data retention policies along with what video is considered private, confidential or public. Below are relevant Minnesota State Statutes regarding Body Cameras:
 Minnesota Statute 13.825 PORTABLE RECORDING SYSTEMS
 Minnesota Statute Chapter 13 GOVERNMENT DATA PRACTICES

Please send your comments on the program and policy: