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West St. Paul became an official Yellow Ribbon Community in 2013.

What is a Yellow Ribbon Community?

A Yellow Ribbon Community unites all areas within a community to create a comprehensive network that connects and coordinates agencies, organizations, resources and employers for the purpose of proactively supporting Service members, military families, and Veterans.

Why become a Yellow Ribbon Community?

Since 9/11, thousands of Minnesotans have served the country. By developing a Yellow Ribbon Network, communities unite to honor and embrace those affected by military deployments. The outward showing of support enables successful transition all the way home. The community's effort transcends the military to any group in need and builds a stronger, more compassionate community.

The WSP Yellow Ribbon Campaign exists as part of the State-wide Yellow Ribbon Network to provide resources to members of the military and their families. We also provide resources to Veterans who previously served in the Military.

West St. Paul and Other Cities Merge to Become the Northern Dakota County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network

In 2019, the Cities of Mendota Heights, Mendota and Lilydale merged with the West St. Paul Beyond the Yellow Ribbon to become the Northern Dakota County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon.

Neil Garlock, Mayor of Mendota Heights and Veteran of the United States Marine Corp, will be the new Chair starting in 2020.

Watch the Insight 7 story here:  Insight 7 - Expanding the Yellow Ribbon

How Can We Help?

  • Short term help with bills
  • Assistance in complying with code enforcement citations.
  • Lawn mowing, yard cleanup or snow removal
  • Financial assistance to repair a major appliance
  • Gas cards to help get to work or school  
  • Diapers and baby items, Children’s clothing
  • Holiday toys for kids
  • Trusted referrals for repairs
  • Assistance with purchasing a used vehicle or getting a vehicle repaired
  • Help with moving

National Guard 2nd Battalion, 135th Infantry Regiment

We also provide assistance to the National Guard Second Battalion, 135th Infantry Division attached to the West St. Paul Armory. This regiment will be deploying in 2020 and are gearing up for that deployment now.

The deployment is expected to last one year. Families are preparing for that now and we will be here to help the families while their services members are fighting for us.

Look for ways to help support our infantry division and their families in 2020. We will reach out for volunteers through the City’s newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter account and website as it gets closer.

Community Partners

  • Tapemark
  • Solid Construction
  • Easy Rest
  • Navy Island Plywood
  • Mobile Pro Systems
  • Pate Bonding
  • Cub Foods
  • Dunkin
  • Oxendale's Market
  • Pace's Tire and Service Center
  • Dave Meisinger
  • Gateway Bank
  • Soldier Delivery
  • South Robert Street Business Association
  • West St. Paul / Mendota Heights Rotary
  • Just Paws Pet Salon

Northern Dakota County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Steering Committee for 2020:

Chair: Neil Garlock, Mendota Heights
Vice Chair: Brian Mielke, Mendota
Secretary: Mary Schultz, Lilydale
Treasurer: Beatriz Macias, West St. Paul
Business Liaison Officer: Ed Iago, West St. Paul
Volunteer Coordinator: Jan Bremner, West St. Paul
Elected Official: West St. Paul Councilmember Bob Pace


1616 Humboldt Ave
West St. Paul, MN 55118

BYR Homecoming

Veteran Looking for Employment?

  • Local Drivers - Starting at $17 /hr
  • and other opportunities

Contact the Yellow Ribbon at: 651-259-2614 or

Thank you for your service!

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