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West St. Paul became a Yellow Ribbon Community in 2011

What is a Yellow Ribbon Community?

A Yellow Ribbon Community unites all areas within a community to create a comprehensive network that connects and coordinates agencies, organizations, resources and employers for the purpose of proactively supporting Service members and military families.

Why become a Yellow Ribbon Community?

Since 9/11, thousands of Minnesotans have served the country. By developing a Yellow Ribbon Network, communities unite to honor and embrace those affected by military deployments. The outward showing of support enables successful transition all the way home. The community's effort transcends the military to any group in need and builds a stronger, more compassionate community.

The WSP Yellow Ribbon Campaign exists as part of the State-wide Yellow Ribbon Network to provide resources to members of the military and their families. We also provide resources to Veterans who previously served in the Military.

How Can We Help?

We can offer short-term, direct support and financial help for veterans & their families.

Some examples:

  • Need a referral for car repair, a contractor, an electrician?
  • Need help buying a new or used vehicle or home appliance? 
  • Need someone to help shovel snow or rake leaves?
  • Need a dependable babysitter, so you can get some shopping done or just get a break? 
  • Do your children need new coats?
  • Do you need a wheelchair ramp built on your property or rails installed to help you or a family member get in and out of the bathtub or shower?
  • Having trouble paying bills?
  • Need someone to cook you a decent meal?
  • Need help finding appropriate, affordable assisted living?

If you have a need, why not give us a call? Maybe we can help. We work with businesses and members of our community who enjoy volunteering and appreciate what our soldiers and veterans have sacrificed. We also work closely with the Dakota County Veterans’ Service Officer, who in turn is aware of a number of other Veteran’s organizations who provide help with specific needs.

Why do we do this? Why not? You fought for us and protected us. Why not let us help you for a change?


24-hour Crisis Hotline:

Veteran’s Assistance – 1-800-273-8255
Dakota County Veterans Services – 952-891-7171

WSP Yellow Ribbon Steering Committee Officers:

Chair: Sherrie Le – 651-552-4108
Secretary: Hayley Ball
Treasurer: Mark Juelfs
City Official: Ed Iago

Military Family Assistance Center – 651-282-4749

Military One-Source – 1-800-342-9647

Scholarships are available annually to Military Members and their family through Folds of Honor
WHO: Military Families
WHAT: Folds of Honor Scholarship Programs
WHERE: Folds of Honor website
WHY: Opportunity for military veteran-families to apply for scholarships opportunities
HOW: To apply, go to the Folds of Honor Scholarship page.

Questions can be emailed to Folds of Honor Scholarship.

BYR Homecoming

Veteran Support Groups & Services

West St. Paul National Guard Training & Community Center (ARMORY)

1346 Robert St.

651-268-8730 / General information, Rental inquiries