Step-by-Step Guide to I/I Compliance

West St. Paul has implemented a "point-of-sale" procedure for the I/I program. This means prior to the sale of a property, the owner must have an I/I inspection. If there are non-compliant issues, the following steps must be completed within 12 months of the sale of the property.

1. Schedule Inspection

Before selling a property, the owner must have an I/I inspection. After submitting your inspection application, the City will contact you to schedule an I/I inspection. You may also call the City at 651-552-4153 to schedule an inspection

2. Inspection Process

An adult must be present during the inspection. Clear a five-foot area around the vertical stack sewer clean out to give the inspector room to work. The inspector will televise your sanitary sewer service out to the City sewer main, check your sump pump discharge system, and check for roof drains/leaders.

3. Data Reviewed

The City will review the information collected from the inspection and provide a summary report within an estimated five working days. This report will identify any areas of I/I non-compliance that need to be corrected.

If Compliant

Congratulations, your Inflow and Infiltration journey is complete! You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from the City of West St. Paul.

If Non-compliant

The City will issue a correction notice to the property owner identifying the problem(s). City Code requires repairs to be within 12 months of the sale date of the property for owner occupied single-family homes.

 For commercial properties and home-owner association properties, I/I repairs will need to be completed by July 1st, 2018.

 For rental properties, I/I repairs will need to be completed within 24 months of receiving next rental license. I/I inspections will be required as part of the rental license renewal process.

4. Get Permits for Corrections

Homeowner/contractor contacts the City at 651-552-4116 to obtain appropriate plumbing and building permits.

5. Begin Correction Work

After obtaining permits, the property owner or a contractor make the needed corrections, scheduling the proper inspections along the way.

6. Post-work Inspection Completed

After the work is completed a post-work inspection is required to determine whether the property has become compliant. Contact the City to schedule the post-work inspection.