Crime Free Multi Housing

What is Crime-Free Multi-Housing?

Crime-free multi-housing (CFMH) is a program designed to make multi-family dwellings safe and desirable places to live. The program has 3 unique phases that ensure a safer environment to live in.

 The 3 phases are: 

  • Management training
  • Security assessment
  • Residents training/crime watch

Benefits of the Program

As a manager, you will benefit by participating in CFMH. Your rental property will have more of a satisfied resident base, increase demand for rental units with a reputation of pro-active management, and lower maintenance and repair costs. CFMH will increase personal safety for tenants, and give managers more time for routine management responsibilities and less time on crisis control.

As a manager who participates in CFMH, you will learn the benefits of applicant screening, tips to strengthen rental agreements, warning signs of drug activity, the role of the police, how to become a proactive property manager, and more.

Law enforcement also benefits from CFMH. CFMH teaches property managers and residents how to work with the police, and how to keep drugs and other illegal activity out of their properties. CFMH has also been proven to drop calls for service by up to 67% and improve the quality of life for the community at large.

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