Chief Shaver's Message

A message from the police chief,

While fighting crime is a part of police work, the most important purpose of a police department is helping and working with people. It is people we serve and protect and it is people that make up the most important resource of a police department. Buildings, homes and other physical structures may create the character of a community; however, it is people who help make a community thrive and give it life. The West St. Paul Police Department strives to keep people in the fore front of whatever task we are doing; whether it is enforcing driving conduct on our roadways, making sure residents feel safe and secure in their homes or putting ourselves in harm’s way to protect others, we do this for the benefit of people.

It takes a special person to be a West St. Paul police officer, to put others first, to keep learning about changing demographics and various cultures, to serve others and to be willing to sacrifice oneself so another maybe safe. The civilian police staff who assist our police officers with their challenging tasks are of the same unwavering character. Having departmental members with such high moral character and a willingness to serve others, resulted in them encapsulating our departmental mission in this simple motto,  “We Serve with honor and Integrity.”

Chief Bud Shaver

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