Street Storage / Dumpster / Obstruction

The City encourages property owners to place storage containers or trash dumpsters on their own driveway. If you are interested, however, in placing a portable storage unit, trash dumpster or any other type of storage container on a city street an Obstruction permit is required. An Obstruction permit can be obtained through the City’s Online Permit System.

Keep in mind temporary storage on city streets is allowed for a maximum of 2 weeks and is prohibited from the months of November - March. If you have any questions about this permit, please call 651-552-4131. The company that is supplying the container must meet the insurance requirements of the City. Certificates of Insurance can be sent via fax to 651-552-4190.

Supplement to Insurance Requirements

If you are applying for a permit for the first time, select the following link:

If you are a returning applicant, select the following link