Animal Safety Tips

Why will animals attack?  

Animals will attack for many different reasons such as, they feel threatened or surprised, in pain or are injured, teased or they are protecting their young or property.

Decrease Encounters

Here are some steps you can take to decrease the chance of encountering an aggressive animal.
  • Do not go into yards or homes until you are sure all animals have been properly restrained.
  • Never approach or touch an unfamiliar or unfriendly animal.
  • Never tease or threaten any animal.
  • Call ahead and ask owners to restrain their pets.
  • Look for signs that an animal is around.
  • Do not surprise an animal, let them know you are near.
  • Choose a safe route if you jog, walk, or bike.
  • Keep a safe distance from shrubs, parked cars, and other places where an animal may hide or sleep.

Feel Threatened

Steps to take if you feel threatened by an animal.

  • Remain calm!
  • Stand still with your arms at your side.
  • Face the animal, do not run away, dogs naturally chase.
  • Shield yourself with any item you have.
  • Do not make loud or threatening noises.
  • Do not look directly into the animals eyes.
  • Back out of the area (remember to face the animal, never turn your back to them).
  • If you back away, do so slowly and quietly.
  • Give firm, simple commands such as: No, Stop, etc. 

Animal Attack

What to do if you are attacked by an animal.

  • Hold your ground.
  • Shield yourself with an object or use your arm if you do not have something else to use as a shield.
  • If you are knocked down, curl up into a ball, protecting your head with your arms.
  • Give it something like your backpack or jacket to chew on.
  • As a last resort, use a chemical spray.

Bitten / Scratched

What to do if you’ve been scratched or bitten

  • Wash the Wound Thoroughly.
  • Seek Immediate Medical Help.
  • Remember as many details as possible about the animal.