Chapter XI - Public Ownership & Operation of Utilities

  • Sec. 11.01. Acquisition and Operation of Utilities. The City may own and operate or contract for any gas, water, heat, power, light, telephone or other public utility service for supplying its own needs for utility or for supplying utility service to private consumers or both. It may construct all facilities reasonably needed for that purpose and may acquire any existing utility properties so needed; but no proceedings to acquire any such public property shall be consummated unless the City has the money in the treasury to pay for acquisition or has made provision for paying for the property proposed to be acquired. The operation of all public utilities owned by the City shall be under the supervision of the City Manager.
  • Sec. 11.02 Rate and Finances. Upon recommendations made by the City Manager, or upon its own motion, the Council shall fix rates, fares and prices, for municipal utilities but such rates, fares and prices shall be just and reasonable. In like manner, the Council may prescribe the time and manner in which payments for all such services shall be made, and may make such other regulations as may be necessary and prescribed penalties for violation of such regulations.
  • Sec. 11.03. Purchase in Bulk. The Council may, in lieu of providing for the local production of gas, electricity, water and other utilities, purchase the same in bulk and resell them to local consumers at such rates as it may fix.
  • Sec. 11.04. Lease of Plant. The Council may, if the public interest will be served thereby, contract with any responsible person, co-partnership, or corporation for the operation of any utility owned by the City upon such rentals and conditions as it may deem necessary; but such contract shall be embodied in and let only by an ordinance approved by 4 members o the Council and subject to popular referendum. Such ordinance shall not be an emergency ordinance. In no case shall such contract be for a longer term than 10 years.
  • Sec. 11.05. Public Utility: How Sold. No public utility owned by the City shall be sold or otherwise disposed of by the City unless deemed to be in the best interest of the citizens and unless the full terms of the proposition of sale or other disposition are embodied in an ordinance approved by a unanimous vote by all members of the Council. In case of a water works or light plant, any sale, lease or abandonment shall be subject, in addition, tot he requirements of state law.