Economic Development Authority


The Economic Development Authority (EDA) meets on an as-needed basis.  Any scheduled EDA meetings will be held at the Municipal Center in conjunction with City Council meetings and are open to the public.

Agendas & Minutes

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The 7-member City Council makes up the West St. Paul Economic Development Authority Board.  The Economic Development Authority Officers are as follows:

  • President:                   Dave Napier
  • Vice President:           Lisa Eng-Sarne
  • Treasurer:                   Dave Napier
  • Assistant Treasurer:  Char Stark, Finance Director
  • Secretary:                   Nicole Tillander, City Clerk
  • Executive Director:    Nate Burkett, City Manager

EDA Powers

The EDA has many development rights and powers, including acquiring property, making loans to businesses, issuing bonds and establishing tax-increment districts.

The EDA of West St. Paul continues to work in a variety of areas to assist, support and encourage re-development, especially along the Robert Street Corridor.

Community Development's Role

The Community Development Department works with the EDA on redevelopment and other economic development activities to ensure that the city has a healthy business community and tax base.  Visit our Economic Development webpage for City of West St. Paul demographic, retail trade and available site information.

Quality Housing Program & the EDA

The City of West St. Paul and the Economic Development Authority adopted the Quality Housing Plan in 2000 to address issues and components of quality housing that result in a housing stock that is aesthetically more attractive, has increased valuation, is healthier for residents and improves the security and social fabric of the community at large.

The Quality Housing Program consists of multiple programs, including:


The West St. Paul Economic Development Authority was established in 1999 in order to address business development opportunities and priorities in the City.  The Economic Development Authority acts to acquire, finance, and aid in the redevelopment of older and deteriorating properties. The Economic Development Authority meets to establish priority areas and direct efforts of redevelopment.

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