Demolition Permits

A demolition permit is required for demolition work, which includes the total, partial or interior demolition of a structure. Over the counter demolition permits shall not involve demolition of structural components (total demolition and interior demolition of non-bearing walls with associated utilities are permitted). A separate demolition permit application shall be required for each building or structure that will be demolished. Demolition work that is included as part of a separate building permit does not require a separate demolition permit.

Demolition may not commence until a permit is obtained. Pre-demolition construction meetings shall be conducted with city staff on most building demolitions. In addition, an erosion control deposit is required in the amount of $1000 per single family dwelling and or $3000 per acre.

Make sure to consult Gopher State One Call before digging.

Note: Demolition is not complete until final inspections have been performed.

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