Police Chaplains

The City of West St. Paul began its Chaplain Program in 2003. This group consists of 7 local clergy members who meet regularly to discuss how they can support city functions and fulfill individual and community needs during a crisis or incident. Chaplains are on-call 24-hours a day and quickly respond to departmental requests where there is a need or a request for emotional or faith support.

Duties of the Chaplains

Our chaplains are from different faiths and are there to provide knowledge and support to people in distress. Some of their duties include:

  • Supporting officers during death notifications
  • Assisting families who are experiencing a crisis
  • Helping citizens cope with traumatic events such as a house fire or violent crimes

In addition, chaplains are available to assist any city employee looking for help in a time of need.

The Chaplains

The chaplains not only respond to calls for service, but also routinely follow up with the effected people. This provides our citizens with lasting support when dealing with a bad situation.

Contact a Chaplain

Anyone experiencing a personal difficultly can call the chaplains above for guidance anytime of the day or week using the Dakota County Communications Center phone number; 651-322-2323 or 911. A chaplain will be paged to assist you either in person or over the telephone.

Training & Preparation

Before becoming a member of this unit, chaplains are subjected to a background check and receive training specific to their roles as chaplains. It is important to note that chaplains volunteer their time to this program above and beyond their responsibilities to their congregations.

Become a Chaplain

Clergy members that are interested in becoming a Police Chaplain can send an email to Sergeant Tom Fangel or call him directly at 651-552-4209.

Contact Information

  • Frances Colon / Alberto Vargas
    • Latino Chaplain Ministry
    • 651-890-2073 (Spanish / English)
  • Pastor John Snider
    • St. Stephens Lutheran Church
    • 651-457-6541 or 651-399-9029
  • Rabbi Lynn Liberman
  • Pastor David Wick / Master Chaplain Butch Millett