Reserves and Community Safety Volunteers

We are currently looking for new reserve officers. Join our fun team, assist our police officers and give back to the community! Apply today!

The West St. Paul Police Reserve Program is made up of dedicated volunteers in the community who come from many different walks of life. They all have very satisfying full times jobs and families. Some are law enforcement students and others are community members who want to help out and give back to the community they live and work in. Reserve officers receive training from the Police Department that enables them to be a very effective and valuable part of the force.

Some duties Reserve Officers have  are to respond to animal complaints, parking complaints, traffic control at parades, prisoner transports to jail or detox, and damaged property calls as well as patrolling neighborhoods being an extra set of eyes and hears for the Police Officers.  

Reserve Officers and Community Safety Volunteers work a variety of community events like Night 2 Unite, Parade’s, Toys 4 Tots, High School Football and Hockey games, and the Halloween Bonfire just to name  few.

Have a Question or Want to Join?

If you have any questions about the Reserve Program at the West St. Paul Police Department, please contact Sergeant Matt Muellner, Captain Mike Whebbe, or Lieutenant Mark Crowley.

Fill out the Job Application to get started on becoming a reserve officer. 

Reserve Officers - Command Staff

  • Captain Mike Whebbe - 1997 
  • Lieutenant Mark Crowley - 1998

Community Safety Volunteers (CSV’s)

  • CSV Sue Plucker - 2012 
  • CSV Lisa O'Keefe - 2015 
  • CSV Amy Schneider - 2016

Police Department Liaisons

  • Sergeant Matt Muellner - 2017
  • Officer John Reynolds - 2004

Community Safety Volunteers

The West St. Paul Police Community Safety Volunteer (CSV) Program is an opportunity for citizens to develop a sense of civic responsibility and purpose, while providing a beneficial service to the community.  The program allows specially trained citizens to volunteer as CSVs in assisting the Police Department in fulfilling its objective of providing service and a safe environment for the citizens of West St. Paul.

The primary function of the Community Safety Volunteer (CSV) Program is to provide ancillary support services for the Police Department.  Community Safety Volunteers are not Peace Officers by statute and do not share the same authority as Peace Officers; nor do they share the same authority as Reserve Officers.  Their responsibility is limited to assisting the Department with sponsored events and activities.

In doing so, a CSV may be asked to provide staffing or security for special assignments or events (such as, civic and sporting events, bicycle rodeos, school functions, and other public events); assist Crime Prevention activities and functions (such as attending block parties, performing premise surveys, and, at the direction of the Police Department, assist those members assigned to Crime Prevention, DARE, and Neighborhood Development Programs).