Shelter Structures for Animals


  • Dog kennels 
  • Chicken Coops
  • Beehives
  • Stables

Refer to the following city ordinances regarding animal shelters: 

Size, Set-backs, & Zoning

Any animal shelter that is 120-square-feet or larger would fall under the building category of an accessory structure and would require a building permit.


A residence can have a beehive. There are currently no zoning regulations for a beehive. Beehive structures fit into the animal shelters language in 90.08. Farm and Other Small Domestic Animals. Therefore, they need a minimum set-back of 100-feet to the nearest residence, school, business, etc. You would probably want to discuss it with your neighbors first, and if you are renting, get your landlord's permission.


If you have any questions about size, set-backs or zoning regarding an animal shelter, please contact the City Planner at 651-552-4134.