Dangerous Dogs & Other Dangerous Animals

Dangerous Animals

When an animal in the city poses a safety concern residents are encouraged to contact the WSP Police Department's Animal Control Services

  • 651-322-2323 (Non-emergency)
  • 911 (Emergency)

For reference on what to do if you encounter an aggressive animal, see:  Animal Safety Tips

Dangerous Dogs -  See city ordinances:

Dangerous Dog Licenses - see city ordinance: 110.02 Trades, Professions, Businesses, and Privileges Requiring Licenses (A) (2) (c)  

  • The city's Licensing section issues dangerous dog licenses.  For more information about Dangerous Dog Licenses, please contact Nicole Tillander / City Clerk.  Email:  ntillander@wspmn.gov, or phone:  651-552-4202.

Other Dangerous Animals -  See city ordinances: