Licensing Your Pet

Licensing your pet is a city requirement.  It also proves your ownership of the animal, shows the animal has been vaccinated for rabies so your pet and others are protected, and gives the city a way to notify you if your animal is found.  Refer to city ordinances:

How many dogs and cats can I have?  A total of 3 dogs or cats, or a combination thereof, that are over 4 months of age, are allowed per residential premise. You will need a Special Permit to request more than 3.

At what age is a pet required to be licensed in the City of West St. Paul?  
All cats and dogs over 4 months of age, kept, harbored or maintained by their owner within the limits of the city, must be licensed.  Refer to city ordinance: 90.01 (A) License required

How long is a West St. Paul pet license good for?  
Starting in 2020, West St. Paul lifetime pet licenses are good for the life of the pet. Annual renewals are no longer needed. Pet Licenses purchased prior to 2020 required annual renewal and are not lifetime licenses.

Where and when can I get a West St. Paul pet license? 
Pet licenses can be purchased in person at the West St. Paul Municipal Center,1616 Humboldt Avenue, from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

What do I need to bring in order to license my pet?  
Bring your pet's current Rabies Vaccination Certificate from a doctor qualified to practice veterinary medicine. It needs to show that the rabies shot has not expired at the time the West St. Paul pet license is issued.  Refer to city ordinance: 90.01 (B) Vaccination required

When will I receive the West St. Paul pet license tag? 
After we gather information about your pet (most of which should be on the Rabies Vaccination Certificate), and you pay the license fee, you will receive your pet's license tag.  Refer to city ordinance: 90.01 (C) Tags

What is the cost of a West St. Paul pet license?   
West St. Paul Lifetime Pet Licenses are $25 for pets that are spayed or neutered and $30 for pets that are not fixed.  Pet license fees can be paid with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Does my pet have to wear a collar and the pet license tag? 
Yes, the pet is to wear the West St. Paul pet license tag on their collar at all times.  Refer to city ordinance: 90.01 (D) Collar

Replacement tag
If your pet loses its West St. Paul pet license tag within the same year, the pet owner is responsible to obtain a replacement tag,  Refer to city ordinance: 90.01 (E) Duplicate tags; transfer.  The replacement tag fee is $5.00.