The Recycling Zone


Residents of West St. Paul can drop off recycling, or dispose of household hazardous wastes (HHW) free of charge. Starting August 1, 2016, residents must pay a $10 fee to recycle any size television or computer monitor. All other electronic items are free to recycle.

The Recycling Zone also offers compost bins for sale, a product reuse area, a lead sinker exchange program and aluminum can buy back program.

The Recycling Zone is located at 3365 Dodd Rd. (South Highway 149), Eagan, MN.  Please call 651-905-4520 or 952-891-7557 for hours and a list of acceptable materials.

Educational Experiences

Free Educational Experiences of The Recycling Zone are available to Dakota County residents and groups (girls and boy scouts, churches, etc.). Experiences last about one hour and include an inside view of the site where participants learn about proper management of household chemicals, recyclables and problem materials such as computers and other home electronics.