Comprehensive Plan Update

We want to hear your voice! City staff and consultants are beginning the exciting process of updating the guiding plan for West St Paul’s future, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is the document the guides land use, development, infrastructure and much more for the City for the next 20 years. It provides the basis for the City’s decision-making between now and the year 2040. Every community in the Twin Cities area is required to have one.

But more importantly, the comprehensive planning process is a chance for you, the residents, to express your hopes, dreams and concerns for the future of the City. That input is used to set the City’s vision and goals. Then, City staff and consultants create a document that provides a blueprint for how to accomplish those goals.

Why do we want your input?

As we update the plan in 2018, we want as much community input as possible!

What we’ve heard so far…

At the recent series of Neighborhood Meetings held by the City, residents provided input into what the City’s vision, goals and priorities should be for the next 20 years. We asked residents questions about what they would like to preserve and change about the City, as well as how they would like to describe the City in the future.  ALL of those responses were recorded and are being used to draft the vision and goals for the City.  

Where can I get more info and have my voice heard?

Head over to our project page!

Comprehensive Plan (updated 2008)