Sewer Information


The West St. Paul Sewer Department will be cleaning sanitary sewer lines West of Robert Street during the Summer of 2023. This is not a pleasant job for residents or our workers, but it is necessary to maintain our sewer system.

The work will begin on the South end of Mendota Road and finish in late summer (2023) on Annapolis Street. Expect to smell sewer odors and possible bubbling of toilets. If you experience an issue with your toilet during this time, refill your bowl with water and check the sewer vents on the roof of your home. Sometimes the vents can be plugged or capped from the original build. If the vents are plugged, they will not allow the air to escape, and in turn, will release through the nearest toilet or floor drain.

If you have any questions, call the Sewer Department at 651-552-4160.

Who to Contact

  • Sewer Billing - St. Paul Regional Water Services: 651-266-6350. 
  • Sanitary Sewer Charges - 651-552-4124 or 651-552-4123
  • Sewer Back-ups or Problems with Sewers - 651-552-4161 or 651-552-4160
  • Sewer Disconnect, Locations - 651-552-4131 or 651-455-4130 
  • Sewer Lines from house to street, Street hook-ups - 651-552-4131 or 651-455-4130
  • Sewer Permit = Beginning of the process - 651-552-4131 or 651-552-4137
  • Storm Sewer Charges - 651-455-4130
  • Storm Sewer Locations - West St. Paul Public Works Maintenance:  651-552-4161, 651-552-4160


Sanitary Sewer Utility work outside a building requires a permit and includes the following planned or current construction work:

  • New sewer service
  • Sewer repair
  • New storm sewer
  • Sewer cut-off /disconnect

Sewer Permit Application. You must fill out an application in order to receive a permit.Email the completed application to, fax to 651-552-4190 or deliver to City Hall at 1616 Humboldt Ave, West St. Paul, MN, 55118.