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Teen Citizen Academy Application

  1. The West St. Paul Teen Citizen Academy is a FREE 6-week programed open to High School Students who live or go to school in West St. Paul (or Henry Sibley). Lunch is provided. Each week a new topic is covered to give teens a hands-on law enforcement experience. Applicants will need to pass a background check and be deemed eligible by the West St. Paul Police Department to participate.

    Ages 16-18

    April 7th- May 12th
    Saturdays 10am – 3pm
    Week 1 – Intro / Patrol Functions
    Week 2 – DWI / Traffic Safety
    Week 3 – Dating Violence / CSI
    Week 4 – Leadership & Team Building Field Trip
    Week 5 – Use of Force / SWAT
    (week 5 will take place on Sunday 5/6 from 11am-4pm)
    Week 6 – Graduation

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