Posted on: September 10, 2017

Police Canine "Doc" Retires

As many have heard, our patrol canine “Doc” has been diagnosed with Arthritis and a disc extrusion. The Arthritis is a hereditary issue common with the German Shepard breed and the exact cause of the disc extrusion is unknown. Based on these conditions, Doc has been pulled off the street and is officially retired from police duties. Although a much shorter career than anyone hoped for, Doc put in a ton of hard work and has earned his retirement.

So, what will to happen to Doc? At this time it is unknown for sure. Unfortunately with all warranty claims, Doc must be returned to the breeder for a full refund. Alternatively, Doc’s handler Officer Gobely does have the option of purchasing Doc from the breeder, which hopefully will be the case.

As for the future of our canine program, the breeder will be replacing Doc with another dog. With his experience training and working with Doc, Officer Gobely is expected to take possession of the new canine in December and continue as West St. Paul’s handler. Training will start in March at the St. Paul Police canine training facility. 

Until our next four-legged officer hits the streets, we will continue to utilize the services of police canine teams from South St. Paul, St. Paul, and other area police departments.

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