ADA Transition Plan

Improving Accessibility in West St. Paul: ADA Transition Plan:

 This year the City of West St. Paul completed a project in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to identify accessibility needs on sidewalks and other pedestrian facilities. This past summer we conducted an overall review of City procedures and policies, and took a field inventory of each segment of sidewalk within the community. The resulting data enabled us to draft an “ADA Transition Plan” which documents these policies and procedures, and sets goals and priorities for improving accessibility. The City of West Saint Paul is seeking input from the public on its draft plan to support accessibility for people using its facilities. While it is in a draft format, this is an opportunity for community members to provide feedback on the technical report and connect with city staff on various future improvements. We invite you to review the draft version of the plan, posted below, as it is being finalized. Community members can also help City staff identify key areas for improvement, including curb ramps, sidewalks, and traffic signals, and understand the City’s role in coordinating these improvements. Any comments that you provide may be incorporated into the final version of the plan, and help set goals and priorities. In addition to the web version below, a copy of the plan is available for review at the West St. Paul Municipal Center. If you need a reasonable accommodation, assistance, or require more information please contact the City of West Saint Paul Public Works Director/City Engineer, Ross Beckwith, at 651-552-4130 or