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As we begin the finishing touches on the Robert Street Improvements project, there will be minimal impact to the public. The bulk of 2017 construction will be outside of the curb. This work will require some single lane closures. The entire project includes updating underground utilities including water, sewer and electrical as well as more visible upgrades including a completely new surface, sidewalks and landscaping. This project will create a safer, more user friendly road for drivers, pedestrians and public transit users alike.

Metro Transit's buses may be detoured, for more information visit

South End Work

Thompson Avenue to Mendota Road

  • Minor Sanitary Manhole Work
  • Miscellaneous Cleanup

Lane Closures

  • Intermittent single lane closures continue on both the northbound and southbound sides

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Disclaimer: As with any construction project, dates and details can change at any time. Weather delays and unforeseen challenges can alter any plans throughout the project. While we try our best to keep this site as up-to-date as possible, there may be details and dates that have not yet reflected the latest project changes. Please stay vigilant in following all road signs and obey all traffic laws in the construction zone.