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The bulk of 2016 construction will be on Robert Street from Thompson Avenue, south to Mendota Road. The overhaul will consist of updating underground utilities including water, sewer and electrical as well as more visible upgrades including a completely new surface, sidewalks and landscaping. This project will create a safer, more user friendly road for drivers, pedestrians and public transit users alike.

South End Work

Thompson Avenue to Mendota Road


  • Driveways off Robert Street are permanently right-in/right-out only

Lane Striping

  • Permanent striping is being installed. Lane stripes will be milled down to allow for recessed striping installation.


  • Pedestrian ramps and concrete installation continues
Light Installation

  • Near Thompson Avenue

North End Work


Intermittent lane closures on the north end of Robert Street will continue this fall while crews complete landscaping, median work, sidewalks, and concrete driveways. 

  • Miscellaneous accessory installation 

Robert Street businesses will be open during construction and can be accessed by utilizing the Livingston Ave. and Oakdale Ave. business access detours (see Maps tab). Please continue to patronize these businesses during construction and Shop Robert.

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Disclaimer: As with any construction project, dates and details can change at any time. Weather delays and unforeseen challenges can alter any plans throughout the project. While we try our best to keep this site as up-to-date as possible, there may be details and dates that have not yet reflected the latest project changes. Please stay vigilant in following all road signs and obey all traffic laws in the construction zone.