City Charter

The Charter Commission of the City of West St. Paul, Minnesota is published online as a convenience to our business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material online, the only official edition of the charter is the printed version maintained by the city clerk. Note that the City Council may have made amendments, additions, or deletions to the charter.
  1. Chapter I

    Names, Boundaries, Powers, and General Provisions

  2. Chapter II

    Form of Government

  3. Chapter III

    Procedure of Council

  4. Chapter IV

    Nominations and Elections

  5. Chapter V

    Initiative and Referendum

  6. Chapter VI

    Administration of City Affairs

  1. Chapter VII

    Taxation and Finances

  2. Chapter VIII

    Public Improvement and Special Assessments

  3. Chapter IX

    Eminent Domain

  4. Chapter X


  5. Chapter XI

    Public Ownership and Operation of Utilities

  6. Chapter XII

    Miscellaneous and Transitory Provisions