1. Permits

    Browse a list of various building permits.

  2. Inspection Scheduling

    Schedule an inspection.

  3. Construction Development Process

    Learn about the step-by-step development process.

  4. Building & Construction Regulations

    View the current regulations for building and construction.

  5. City Ordinances

    The Code of the City of West St. Paul, Minnesota is published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community.

  6. Code Enforcement

    The mission of the Code Enforcement office is to promote and preserve a community of excellence by the ethical, responsive, efficient and innovative provision of services.

  7. Business License

  8. Rental Licensing

    Learn about the city's rental licensing program.

  9. Economic Development

    Learn about the economic opportunities available in the city.

  10. Real Estate Locator

  11. Business Directory

    Browse through a list of businesses in the community.

  12. Planning / Zoning

    The city's Zoning Ordinance is a legal implementation document the City uses to enforce the Comprehensive Plan.

  13. Inflow and Infiltration